Filmmakers can never run out of tales about ‘AamAdmi’: NeerajPandey


As a filmmaker who will never run out of gritty tales about the ‘AamAdmi’, ‘A Wednesday’ director NeerajPandey says he feels for the man on the streets.

“As a filmmaker one can never run out of the tales about the struggle faced by the common man. You all encounter everyday glitches in life, from terrorism scare to ration shortage in a city,” said Neeraj, recalling how the Naseeruddin-starrer ‘A Wednesday’ happened much before the common man issue hit page one.

“Actually I am enamoured by the tale of everyday people we get to hear. This gives rise to the story and scripting,” Neeraj, who would rate ‘Special 26’, the thriller heist film starring Akshay Kumar as next to his more realistic ‘AWednesday’.

“‘Special 26’ is also the tale of common man, but the common con man,” he quipped.
Neeraj said he was happy to know that ‘A Wednesday’ had been recommended for viewing by then Kolkata Police Commissioner Goutam Mohan Chakraborty for police personnel.

Coming to his upcoming release ‘Total Siyapaa’, a love story with a twist, Neeraj said, “It is a departure from the earlier genre and an out and out comedy.”
The film will be released in March, he said.

‘Total Siyapaa’ boasts of a star cast that includes Ali Zafar, YamiGautam, KironKher and AnupamKher. Neeraj, however, won’t spill the beans about his second project with Akshay Kumar.

“Yes I am working on a script. But it is too early to talk on that,” he said refusing to elaborate on the cast.