Goa government makes helmet mandatory on highways

The Goa government has made use of helmet mandatory for rider and pillion on highways, while exempted the latter from wearing it on city roads.

State Transport Minister Ramakrishna Dhavalikar told that for one year, the implementation of rule making helmet compulsory for both – rider and pillion, would be done only on the highways.

“At present, wearing helmet will not be made compulsory for pillion in internal and city roads,” the minister said, deviating from his earlier announcement made in the recently concluded assembly session that helmet would be mandatory on all the roads for both rider and pillion.

For rider, wearing helmet is compulsory on all roads. The enforcement of the rule would be taken up from October 2 onwards.

Mr. Dhavalikar said that helmets with ISI certification should be worn and that the department will crack down on helmets with bogus and without certification.

He stated that the file for implementation of the rule would be moved to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on September 26, and only after his consent the rule would be enforced.