Gulaab Gang Review-The only reason why the film cannot be labelled as forgettable is because of its compelling acting by the vigorous ladies


gulaab-gangThe aura of women empowerment, Juhi’s startling performance and the dazzling Madhuri Dixit always.If you have watched the documentaryGulabi Gang, that was factually way more appropriate, you’ll find this one working off on a tottering ground.

In the small town of Madhavpur, a young girl is hell bent on studying. A victim of domestic abuse of her step mother with her feeble father being unable to stand up for her, at a young age itself Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) takes up a zero tolerance stance against any atrocity committed against women.

Setting up her own gang of powerful and spirited women, Rajjo who is fondly called Didi lives in her own asharam, teaching young kids and working on social development in a wholesome manner. However, her real combat begins when the manipulative local politician (JuhiChawla) takes her on. Rajjo with her popularity too decides on giving her a great fight and hence begins a memorable election war of sorts!
The only reason why the film cannot be labelled as forgettable is because of its compelling acting by the vigorous ladies. Sen like most of us is definitely an ardent Madhuri fan. And even when he exceeds the time spent on her by a galloping degree, you won’t be complaining as Dixit’sfervor is still spry.

She is effectively convincing in her spirited performance adding fiber to her largely author backed role with perseverance. The lady after the delicate role of Begum Para in DedhIshqiya shows her mettle in with equal vigor proclaiming to the younger guns what female superstars of Bollywood were originally made of.

If you are all of praise for Madhuri, then Juhi easily topples her by a good margin. It is not quite often that you go to watch a film and come out enjoying the villain spunk and manipulative grit more than the hero’s goodness. Surprisingly, as Madamji, Juhi delivers the most nuances and substantial performance of her career. She is extraordinarily terrific and it is quite a compliment if someone else manages to bedazzle you even when Madhuri’s presence warms up the screen.

Priyanka Bose and DivyaJagdale, both deserve a special mention for their high strung and edgy performances.

Gulaab Gang is not unforgettable but not unwatchable either. With many euphoric moments of utter jubiliation, the film’s stronghold is Madhuri and Juhi with individually mettlesome performances and the friskily excitable chemistry together. Though the film fails to use its scope rightly and delivers an extremely creased up affair. But for it’s impeccable leading ladies who are gritty is their parts, the film slips out a 3/5 from me. Far from perfect but engrossing nevertheless.