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Guru is the one and only saviour

This year, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on 9th July. It is the day of expressing our feelings and gratitude towards the guru. The disciples eagerly wait for this day. The tradition of the guru-disciple relationship is a valuable heritage given by our culture to the world. But Bharat has definitely fallen short in maintaining this heritage. The importance of this heritage must be instilled into the social consciousness and for that the means should be in place right from the school education. When these satvik thoughts are continuously instilled from childhood then they get to know both the greatness and understanding about this guru-disciple relationship. Automatically one keeps away from bad thoughts, bad company and bad habits. It is essential that the foundation of the ideal society should be strong; and for this the guru always guides his disciples. The ego, the king of all personality defects, of the disciple, who is always in the learning mode, is very small; hence he is always learning something new from the guru. And he thinks inclusively of how this knowledge, which he has gained from the guru, will benefit the world. In the days-gone-bye, many Gurukuls existed in India. And many foreigners used to come for studying in these institutions. With the passage of time, the Gurukul system was demolished and the citizens were deprived of the valuable education taught there.

Rahul Lokhande

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