‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ review


Hasee-Toh-PhaseeThe film is both pleasantly surprising and utterly baffling in equal amounts. Though Vinil Mathew’s direction might not be perfect due to his lack of experience, HaseeTohPhasee will definitely win your heart for the symbiotically arranged, pitch perfect chemistry of Parineeti Chopra and SidharthMalhotra. It was passionate and compelling, almost to make me wish that they were a real life couple and that alone becomes the winning shot. Though Parineeti walks away with the thunder for her stellar performance, the film works primarily and mostly because it is so refreshingly lovable.

The film begins with two outcast kids who are similar to each other as miscreants and yet excitingly different. Obviously the film traces how they fall in love.

Meeta (Parineeti Chopra) belongs to a typical conservative Gujarati family which cannot digest her free spirited nature. Nikhil (SidharthMalhotra) is the son of an IPS officer who is about to marry Karishma (Adah Sharma) when luck has him cross paths with Meeta who is exactly like him. Meeta and Nikhil share a close bonding over 7 days when simultaneously the primary things in their lives change which eventually lead them to fall in love with each other.

But can Nikhil walk out on his ideology of love and walk off with Meeta after 7 years of commitment with her sister Karishma? Watch HaseeTohPhasee and know how the fairy tale happens for two extremely eerie people.

Parineeti Chopra has often been accused to being repetitive in her roles. I say we are too quick to judge the actress. She is nothing like her previous roles in this film and rather picks up a part quite eerie and contrary to what any mainstream actress would have chosen. She manages to gain empathy for her character and yet love heaves over pity in her case. From her smitten look filled with genuine longing for Sidharth to the funny faces she makes when intoxicated, the actress is indeed the show stealer. In the last scene where she breaks down as all her pain finally donned on her, she silences the blabbering and criticisms unanimously.

SidharthMalhotra is way more than just a gorgeous face. Way back in SOTY I realized this guy has thunderous caliber and he proves it here. In every bit Malhotra matches up to Parineeti’s terrific work with equal gusto. He is gregarious but restrained and there is a serene calmness in his performance which makes him a smashing hit. To complimentParineeti’s boisterousness is quite a challenge and so far he is the co-star she is best suited with.

Every rom-com thrives on its chemistry and theirs is to sum up in the words of the film like water – composed of double hydrogen and single oxygen, hinging well fitted-ly like pieces that are destined to work magic together.

Manoj Joshi and SharatSaxena are brilliant despite minimal screen space. The supporting cast especially the cool daddies of Nikhil and Meeta do a fantastic job.

A special mention for Sidharth’s cousin who was bowled over by Parineeti. The actor does it with poised ease and is mindblowing.

. I am going with a 3/5 and a big thumbs up. Fresh thought is always fabulous!