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How will government extradite Dawood to India?

Our beloved Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said that his government is putting in all possible efforts to arrest fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is believed to be hiding in Pakistan. We should give a round of applause to his confidence. However, he and his predecessors have been making these efforts from last 30 years but in vain. Will Dawood be brought in the form of dead body in India?

Any criminal evading justice should be brought to book. India believes Dawood is living in Pakistan with the active support of that the country’s intelligence agency, ISI, and continues to be involved in anti-India activities.

Many of Dawood Ibrahim’s close aides died in foreign land but our government and Intelligence Bureau failed to deport most of the culprits to India. Some years ago, Dawood’s brother Noora was targeted by Pakistani gangster and killed him near Karachi. One by one all the culprits will die in foreign lands and our dreams to see them behind the bars will remain unfulfilled. Because to convert our dreams into reality, our government has ‘no guts’ or we can say that government is not taking any initiative to bring back all those criminals. They are running crime syndications in India especially in Mumbai. Few days ago, Dawood’s sister Hasina Parker alias ‘Lady Don’, who runs his business from Mumbai died at hospital. However, our government never touched her. If the sources are to be believed, Parkar owned undeclared assets estimated to be valued at about Rs.5,000 crores. With her death, the fate of these properties is hanging in balance as Parkar did not make a will before death. Although staying miles away from India’s financial capital, Dawood’s clout is still a force to reckon with in Mumbai. This had been made possible by his deceased sister Haseena Parkar, who single-handedly managed the D-company’s operations within the city.

Marking foray into the crime world following her husband Ismail Parkar’s murder in 1991, Parkar’s modus operandi involved land grabbing, vacating residential premises and receiving commissions from builders.

Whether Dawood Ibrahim or Chhota Rajan, Aijaz Lakdawala or Ravi and Hemant Pujari, our government has neither extradited them nor made any effort to arrest them in the country in which they are living. Earlier, these gangsters used to fight with each other on foreign land by using their own intelligence unit but now they have declared ceasefire with each other. In last one decade, our government had extradited only Santosh Shetty (close aide of Chhota Rajan) and Abu Salem (close aide turned foe of Dawood Ibrahim). Quattrocchi, who was also one of the most wanted Italian man by India in Bofors scams died. We had never tried to extradite him back to India.

According to the chargesheet filed by Delhi Police in spot fixing in IPL 6, they had clearly shown how Dawood was running this syndicate in India. Iqbal Mirchi was also partner of Dawood in drugs syndication. Apart from running a major drug syndicate, Dawood aide was also involved in match-fixing and betting with him, he also died in London.

Once ranked as one of the world’s 50 drug barons Iqbal Mirchi was arrested twice in London, but the Indian authorities could never get their hands on him. Dawood is ailing from cardiac disease and kidney ailment.

He was seen in Jeddah, last year for celebrating Eid ul Fitr. India should be rigid with Pakistan on Dawood’s issue. We also should interact with other states to ascertain the whereabouts of other fugitives. Indian government should not send a wrong message that criminals can commit offence in India and flee away and the government won’t take any steps to extradite them.

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