I was emotionally exhausted after filming ‘Noah’: Emma Watson


emma-watson-6aActress Emma Watson says she needed time to put herself back together after filming `Noah` as the shooting of the biblical epic left her physically and emotionally exhausted.

The 23-year-old `Harry Potter` star said she relaxed in her apartment for some days after filming `Noah`, reportedly.

“I was so physically and emotionally exhausted by just the process of making the film. I just didn`t leave my apartment for a few weeks, walked around in my pyjamas for a few days in a row. I just needed some time to sort of put myself back together a bit,” Watson said.

The British actress said the film had a huge impact on the way she views the world and made her want to give back more.

“You see the movie and you go, `Wow, we are entrusted with this beautiful world,` and it kind of makes you want to make more of an effort and give back instead of take,” she said.