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In Bulandshahr, marriage lawn owners refuse to entertain Muslims

Marriage lawn owners in Bulandshahr are not letting Muslims hold any functions on their properties alleging that they “refuse to pay” and “leave the venue dirty”.

Sandeep Kansal, who heads the marriage lawn union in Bulandshahr, has alleged that Muslims “issue threats” using BSP MLA Mohammad Aleem Khan’s name.

“We are filtering the customers. For Muslims, we are avoiding bookings because of hooliganism and the fact that they leave the venue dirty. During their functions, there is over-crowding. Most of them refuse to pay and issue threats using MLA Aleem’s name,” Kansal claimed, adding that at least 5,000 people turn up for the functions, leading to traffic jams.

Aleem, however, said he was unaware of any such issue. He added that if Muslims in Bulandshahr are denied bookings, he will get marriage lawns constructed for them. “I am not aware about any such development. No marriage lawn owner has brought this to my notice so far. Over-crowding by Muslims during functions is not fair. But if such thing (Muslims being turned down) happens, I will get 10 marriage lawns built for them,” Aleem said.

The issue was first reported from Khurja. “I made six bookings and lost my entire year’s earnings. At least 500 plates were broken and mattresses were burnt. If you ask them for compensation, they threaten us,” RK Lala, president of the marriage lawn owners’ association in Khurja, claimed. Lala, who owns three marriage lawns in the area, said their decision was driven by business and not politics.

In Bulandshahr, there are more than 50 marriage lawns.

“Recently at one function, taps worth Rs 8,000 were stolen, window panes were broken and greenery was destroyed at my lawn,” Kansal claimed. He also alleged that some people slaughter animals in the lawns. Bulandshahr district magistrate B Chandrakala remained unavailable for comments.

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