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India should lend a helping hand to Iraq

India should lend a helping hand to Iraq

On the call for war statement ‘Fatwa’ by Ayotullah Ali Hussain Sistani about 15 lakh Iraqi youth joined the Army to save their country and shrine of grandchildren of Holy Prophet. He only asked the Iraqi youth to join Army. If he had called all his followers around the world then around 3 crore followers of him would have joined, that’s the power of maer’ja. Sistani has one of the mare’ja to whom most of the shias around the world follows. And if he gives any call, then his followers have to follow him is mandatory. Shias are considered as liberal but rigid in their decision. Shias constitute of 5 crore of the Muslim population in India. The liberal Shia world would be the best and the safest bet India can ever make.

Iran is an old ally of India, which constitute about 95 per cent of Shia population and 60 per cent in Iraq. With Iran our age-old Aryan ally at our side, we can gain a foothold into the region as a force to reckon with keeping our tactical interests on the fore especially in the energy sector. Today, we are keeping Saudi interests ahead of ours, who everyone knows is conspiring with Pakistan and never working in our interest. Most of the ‘Saudi Shaikhs’ are funding Al-Qaeda and JuD and LeT in Pakistan. So, following the Iraq crisis, we can help them with our peacemaker’s army to help Iraq and Iran. It is time; we shun cheap appeasement diplomacy and make a stand of our own in our nation’s best interests.

ISIS is foreign funded terror organization fighting in Iraq and Syria from last two years. The outfit is another wing of Al-Qaeda. ISIS is against the shrine of any type. The horrible brutality and effectiveness of ISIS’s rapid march through northwestern Iraq reinforces the organisation’s propaganda as a mysterious and terrifying force. We would do well to reflect on what we have forgotten and recognise that ISIS is the current incarnation of what we knew as al-Qaeda in Iraq, formed in 2004 in the wake of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Led by the notorious Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the organisation styled itself as the Islamic State in Iraq — ISI. In July last year, under current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISI rebranded itself as the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria/the Levant (ISIS or ISIL).

The fight is not between Shia and Sunni as most of the foreign media are reporting. It is definitely not the sectarian fight in Iraq. ISIS is a terrorist organization which wants to destroy the shrine of ‘Gaus Pak’ in Baghdad as well as Holy Prophet grandson’s shrine in Karbala.

India should give all out political and military support to these countries (Iraq and Syria) especially Iran with Russia as our strategic ally and fructify this strategic alliance into a long-term energy and commerce led profitable future for our nation. As a result Silk route would be revived. It will also provide us connectivity from the Mediterranean Sea to Thailand.

Iraq and its surrounding areas should have our strong military presence felt to keep things under control. This would also be a win win situation for India militarily as our armed forces will at last see real action in the region and get honed in the process as very few generals with real wartime experience are left in our armed forces cadres.

Today Iraq is facing the heat of marauders, conquerors and invading mercenaries of all sorts and mostly of foreign origin supported mostly by foreign vested interests especially the ISI. The fight is for its strategic control and its rich oil reserves.

Let us look deeper in detail in this mysterious world full of religious turmoil and hegemony to reform our foreign strategy. The majority of people in the Arab World adhere to Islam while others are secular. The majority of the Arab countries adhere to Wahabi Islam. However, Iraq and Iran are exceptions with many countries like Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, and Bahrain have large Shia minorities. Saudi Arabia has only two provinces having Shia minority and those are the eastern province Al-Hasa region and the southern provincial city of Najran. Ibadi Islam is practiced in Oman and Ibadis make up 75 per cent population of the country.

The Arab world seeks to encompass the other Muslim countries in Europe and Asia hence carving out an independent kingdom. Whoever is the most powerful would rule the roost. This story is about the power struggle to successfully rule the Muslim world with other countries falling head and heels over each other to gain a threshold in the regions decisive politics. The main reason for the Iraqi invasion in 2003 by the US and its allies was to support the Saudi dream of ruling the entire Muslim world as supreme leader.