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Indian man in US semi-paralysed after police pat-down; Alabama cop under investigation

Indian-man-in-USA 57-year-old Indian man from Gujarat was left partially paralysed during police pat-down in Madison after he was pinned down on the ground as he tried to resist the cop, reports said on Thursday.

The Indian man named Sureshbhai Patel had come to visit his son named Chirag Patel in America from Pij, a small town of Gujarat and spoke hackneyed English.

The incident occurred last week on Friday when the man was approached by a Madison Police Department as he was walking outside his son’s house in Alabama.

The police said that they were looking for a suspicious person walking onto driveways and looking into garages, department officials said in a statement.

The officers approached Patel and tried to search him, but the man allegedly put his hands in his pockets and pulled away, police said.

The police then forced him on the ground, leading to his temporary paralysis. At first he was unable to move his legs and had limited motion in his arms, but some mobility was restored after doctors performed cervical fusion surgery the next day, reported.

“The doctors say there was trauma to the cervical spine that caused immediate swelling,” Hank Sherrod, an attorney for the Patel family, told RT, “and they needed to do the cervical fusion in order to go in there and relieve the pressure on the spine.”

Talking to, the injured man’s son Chirag Patel said that his father was “just walking on the sidewalk as he does all the time. They put him to the ground.”

Speaking in broken English, Chirag Patel’s father told police, “No English. Indian. Walking,” and then beckoned to the house where he had been staying.
The Patel family is mulling to file a lawsuit regarding the case, the attorney told The cop who forced the old man on the ground is already under investigation.

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