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Indian student deported from US for vowing online to kill women

A 24-year-old Indian student has been deported from the US after he was convicted of cyberstalking, making threatening comments over the Internet; including pledging to kill women and praising a California rampage gunman.

Keshav Mukund Bhide, a former student at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, cannot return to the US for ten years.

Mr. Bhide was arrested in June last year for threatening online comments he made on YouTube and Google+, which investigators found included praise for 22-year-old California gunman Elliot Rodger, who killed six students near the University of California at Santa Barbara before taking his own life in May 2014.

“Everything Elliot did is perfectly justified,” Mr. Bhide wrote under an account with the name “Foss Dark,” according to court documents. Police said Mr. Bhide also chatted with other Internet users, including one who requested his name and residence.

“I live in Seattle and go to UW, that’s all (I’ll) give you. (I’ll) make sure I kill only women, and many more than what Elliot accomplished,” he replied.

The FBI and University of Washington police began investigating Mr. Bhide after that post in June last year.

Mr. Bhide told FBI agents and police who went to his home that he was angry with YouTube videos created by Internet users critical of Rodger.

He told agents that he, like Mr. Rodger, had few friends and difficulty socialising.

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