Saturday, July 24, 2021
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IPL paves way for match fixing

IPL is showing a picture of fixing ever since the 10th edition of the championship started.  The fixing business is going truly well and the beneficiaries are there from all quarters and it is a bad news.  Final stages of the matches provide platform for fixing as most of the play off places have been decided and the last few matches provide the bookies a field for doing the job more freely.  The last match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab provided the thrill and the ammunition for the fixers to make easy money.  The match was decided by the spin of coin as Mumbai put Punjab into bat and the move paid the visitors to accumulate huge score and make Mumbai work hard to achieve the target.  The thrill was provided truly well and the match went up to the last ball.  Even a dot ball in the final over attracted team owner Priety Zinda to hug and kiss and that shows the intensity of the game and a cannon fodder for the fixers to make all barriers in fixing. The bookie menace is growing during the IPL game. This was proved when Sreesanth was arrested and then banned from playing cricket in India and abroad. Indian (Fixing) League is a place for money transaction and there is no doubt about it.

Abhi Rama Mani

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