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Iran’s nuclear deal in peril? Ali Khamenei flashes ‘red lines’ to US

Just days ahead of June 30 deadline for Iran and six world powers to clinch a nuclear deal, the nation’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has raised concern over the “unacceptable” demands being posed by the West, calling them as “red lines”.

In what may dampen the hopes of a concrete nuke deal taking shape by June 30, Khamenei in a televised address asserted that the US must lift all sanctions on the “same day” the accord is signed.

“All economic, financial & banking sanctions, either by UNSC, US Congress or administration must be lifted on same day deal is signed,”Khamenei said.

He also voiced a strong objection to America’s “excessive” demand of Iran freezing its nuclear work for a decade, accusing that the US intends to dismantle Tehran’s nuclear industry completely.

“Freezing Iran’s Research and Development (R&D) for a long time like 10 or 12 years is not acceptable.. Lifting sanctions must match Iran’s commitments,” Khamenei said.

Stressing that Iran must not compromise on its R&D and construction work for a long period of time, Khamenei underscored this as a major “red line”.

“Major red lines in Iran nuclear talks include accepting some restrictions, but not for 10 or 15 years.”

Another “red line” mentioned by Khamenei referred to the constant Western demand of Iran allowing access to its nuke site and facilities for inspection.

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