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IS claims beheading of US Aid worker Peter Kassig, ‘Jihadi John’ hit in US airstrike

ISIS (5)The Islamic State jihadist group on Sunday claimed to have executed US aid worker Peter Kassig as a warning to the United States. The extremist group released a video showing a masked militant claiming to have beheaded Kassig and standing over a severed head.

After claims of Islamic State Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being hit in US air strike, similar reports have surfaced about the notorious IS beheader ‘Jihadi John’.

In what could prove the effectiveness of US-led anti IS coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria, a report in the Mail suggests that the British-accented executioner has been injured in one of the US air strikes that hit a summit of IS leaders in Iraq.

British authorities are yet to confirm the report.

The notorious executioner, dubbed in the media as “Jihadi John” is the same masked person who appears in IS execution videos, clothed in black, spouting anti-Western threats in a British accent.

He has so far beheaded four westerners – two American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and two British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning.

According to reports, Jihadi John used to be a London rapper before going to the Middle east. According to MI5 agency, he was also a fund-collector for charities. After which he went on to collect funds for the IS – that made way for him turning into a brutal jihadist.

The security agencies of the United Kingdom have launched a massive manhunt to identify the Islamic State fanatic, who is known to MI5 as a low-level collector for genuine Arab charities which based in London.

Later he allegedly graduated to gathering funds for the terror group ISIS or the Islamic State. And from thereon he decided to fight for the ISIS.

The Guardian reported that masked man who cold-bloodedly slit Foley’s throat was a member of a British jihadi group known as ‘The Beatles’.

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