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ISIS releases another disturbing video, crucifies Iraqi spy

ISISThe ISIS devilry hit a new low with the release of a video that shows an alleged Iraqi spy being crucified.

According to a terror monitoring agency “Site Intel group”, the video released by the Islamic State shows the execution of a man who was believed to be spying for Iraq.

The video appears to be the first in a series of similar executions as it is titled “Deterring the Spies1”.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the ISIS fighter in the video talks about four more “spies” which would be executed similarly.

In what touches a new low of barbarism, the gruesome video shows an ISIS fighter with a knife hacking off the man’s hand and foot while he is tied to the cross.

The video that lasts for four minutes, is too grisly to be published, adds the report.

The executed man was seen dressed in Guantanamao-style orange jumpsuit – the same outfit worn by other ISIS victims as seen in previous beheading videos.

The authenticity of the video has not been confirmed yet, however the sophistication in the editing of the video resembles the elements of an official ISIS release.

The alleged spy who was crucified, reportedly used to visit a secret place daily to meet Kurdish intelligence officers, the Daily Mail quoted a Middle East expert as saying.

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