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Islamic State “poisonous death cult” that was posing “existential threat” to the West: David Cameron

Voicing “shock and grief” over the massacre of over 30 Britons in Tunisia terror attack, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday asserted that the UK will “not be cowed” by the terrorists and will deliver a “full-spectrum response” to the Islamic State.

Speaking three days after the deadly terror attack on a Tunisia hotel killed 38, UK Prime Minister told BBC Radio 4 that the Islamic State was a “poisonous death cult” that was posing “existential threat” to the West.

Calling the fight against the ISIS as a “the struggle of our generation”, Cameron said that decimating the ISIS will take a “long time” and patience.

Defeating ISIS “…is going to take patience, a very long time, we’re in this for the long haul,” Cameron told BBC Radio 4.

However, the UK PM denied the idea of UK troops on ground in Iraq and Syria, stressing instead on the strategy of building local armies and strengthening local governments politically.

Writing in an article in the Telegraph, which he also posted on his Facebook account, Cameron also stressed on effectively countering the poisonous ideology of the ISIS which the extremist group was propagating online.

“Perhaps the most important thing, is confronting the poisonous ideology that is driving terrible actions like those we saw on Friday (Tunisia attack),” wrote Cameron.

Cameron further said that there was an urgency to defeat ISIS’ poisonous ideology that “stems from an extremist narrative, which hijacks the religion of Islam”.

“We must expose and defeat what it is that persuades young people, from Tunisia to Kuwait, from Belgium to Britain, to join ISIL,” Cameron wrote.

The death toll of Britons in the deadly Tunisia attack was said to have risen to 30. As a tribute, Cameron ordered the flags over the PM office and the foreign office to be flown at half-mast.

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