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It happens only in Dubai! Mystery money rains on UAE street

UAE-streetWhile many souls in this world, in their flights of imaginations, might have wished for lots of moolah to just rain on them someday, it turned out to be astonishingly true for some people in Dubai on Feb 11 when thousands of banknotes were seen flying hither and thither on a stormy afternoon.

According to local and international news reports, the amazing money rain happened over a fortnight ago in Dubai as stormy winds scattered several 500 UAE Dirham notes from an unknown source on a road busy with plying motor vehicles. The traffic came to a halt at the sight of ‘cash in the air’.

Some of the onlookers took out their cell phones to film the unbelievable money rain and videos of the same have gone viral on the social media.
One of the videos, that was posted on YouTube by ViralWorldVids, can be watched here:

Stunned commuters pulled over their cars and were seen rushing to lay their hands on cash strewn on the road.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the notes blowing through the city could add up to cash worth more than half a million pounds.

So far, officials have no explanation to give as to what was the source of the ‘raining money’. But according to a local news report in Emirates 24/7, the cash storm was caused as two bank employees were supplying notes to an ATM machine during sandstorm.

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