Jai Ho is anintrinsic element of reliability


jai_ho_postersSalman’s movies are never about the script but about how well the scheme of things help in using the actor’s star power. But to its credit Jai Ho has an efficient story to itself. What falls limp is the frail execution of the film.
The film’s story comes without excessive baggage of intelligence and is kept simplistic in its vein. An army officer who underwent court martial after a failed terrorist operation becomes a car mechanic. The chain of affairs are webbed with such plainness that it all seems too easy for one. The concept of never wasting yourself saying thank yous rather help three other people, is both unreal and wishful. But atleast the film attempts to infuse some potent messages amidst the thrashing and action.
No one watches Salman’s films for exhilarating acting or story. We understand the limitations of the genre he has established but definitely the scripts he chooses have an intrinsic element of relatability.
On the grey side, the film repeats the moral value lessons so frequently that they turn tedious. The incredible hulk of a protagonist is intense and convincing only in the action bits, but the romance factor should have been done away with for good.
The growling lead man is hilarious and will crack you up more than getting your respect. It’s low on IQ, extremely lame and I can point out ten other well-based problems but the goose bumps I got every time Salman stood up for the wrongs against people ,negates every glitch in the film.
Salman Khan is not Dabangg but he is light years better synced in the role than even Dabangg. He is earnest in his role and though there was hardly any scope for him to have fun, he is deliciously indulgent.
Daisy Shah isn’t exactly in her most impressive avatar.
Tabu is sincere but has very little to do in the film. PulkitSamrat and MohnishBahl were noticeable in their. And Danny was great as well.
Perhaps the only one who looks appealing in the film besides Salman is the little kid – Naman Jain, whom we last saw in Raanjhanaa and Bombay Talkies can still steal hearts.
Jai Ho is fascinating in parts and fumbles in the rest. Salman Khan and his convincing rendering is what makes this film work for me. The most interesting thing that comes out of it is the message that it isn’t very hard being Human. Jai Ho might have overdone it but the message is memorable. For Salman and his heart felt and endearing attempt, the film manages to slip out with 3 stars from me. Too many glitches but the goodness negates it.