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John Newman reveals new girlfriend is air hostess

john newman

Singer John Newman says he is dating a girl, who is not from the industry but an air hostess.

The 26-year-old “Love Me Again” hitmaker revealed that he met his girlfriend while he was recently flying to Bornholm, Denmark and she was the air hostess on his flight, reported Female First.

“I’m dating somebody who is really supportive of me and really lovely. She’s not in the industry. She’s actually an air hostess and that sounds really, really bad.

“We met on a plane. I was flying from Copenhagen to Bornholm, this tiny little island off Denmark because I was filming there. She was working, it wasn’t like any weird flight thing, we started talking and she was amazing,” Newman said.

The singer said he does not care about fame or celebrity image at all and he feels happy with her.

“I honestly couldn’t give about fame or celebrity as she’s just brilliant and I really enjoy spending time with her.

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