Just as temple can’t come up in Mecca, Ayodhya can’t have a mosque: Yogi Adityanath


BJP’s MP from Gorakhpur Adityanath on Wednesday rubbished the proposal of an out-of-court settlement with regard to the Ayodhya issue.

Speaking with reporters in Shahjahanpur where he was attending a sant sammelan – meeting of ascetics – Adityanath said, “Just as a temple cannot come up in Mecca-Medina or Vatican City, Ayodhya cannot have a mosque.”

He added that Ayodhya, the land of Sanatan Dharma, is a sacred city as it is the birthplace of Lord Ram.”

“Hashim Ansari (main litigant in the case) and Mahant Gyan Das (akhara parishad head) are making statements they should not be making,” Adityanath said about the formula proposed by the two.