Justin Bieber ‘Feels Bad’ That Selena Gomez Had To Go To Rehab


FFN_IMAGE_50942369|FFN_SET_60056706Even though Justin didn’t rush to Selena’s side after she got out of rehab and has instead been partying around with Chantel Jeffries, a source tells that he’s truly upset to see his ex go through such a difficult time.

Justin Bieber isn’t doing the greatest job of showing it — palling around with Chantel Jeffries and partying shirtless in nightclubs and whatnot — but a source insists that he was totally gutted to learn that Selena Gomez‘s issues got so bad that she had to briefly check into rehab.

Justin Bieber Sad To See Selena Gomez Struggle
“He feels bad about her situation,” the source tells us. Justin hasn’t been around to personally comfort her — possibly because Selena and her handlers won’t allow it — but it’s not like he doesn’t care.

At the same time though, the source says that Justin thinks it’s up to Selena, who went to rehab briefly for “young adult issues” on Jan. 5, to take care of herself and keep herself in check.

“She’s got to control it and know her limit,” says the insider. Now, there is something very ironic about Justin Bieber giving out life advice, but the main point is that he does still care about Selena — and her recent struggles sadden him.
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Will Get Back Together
Justin and Selena’s relationship is messy — and her recently revealed issues have only complicated things. But even though they’re going through a crisis, another source tells us exclusively that another reunion is not out of the question.

“He’s acting all tough, saying he’s over her but it’s obvious that he’s in a lot of pain over this,” the source says. “Selena and Justin are not in contact at all right now but I’m sure that will change. Eventually one of them is going to give in; they really do love each other.”

That may be, but both of these young stars need to take lessons in showing that love because we’re having trouble seeing it from either of them at this point.