Kanye West comes to defense of Kim Kardashian, allegedly assaults racist loudmouth


kim-kKim Kardashian and Kanye West had an interesting trip to the chiropractor this afternoon.
And by “interesting,” we mean violent and racist.

Insiders tell TMZ that Kim was accosted by photographers as she entered the doctor’s office, only for an unnamed 18-year old to intervene and allegedly try to escort her into the building.

But he did so by berating the paparazzi members with racial epithets, referring to them as “faggots” and “n-ggers.”

When Kardashian told the teenager that such language was out of line, he shot back:
“F-ck you, bitch. Just trying to help. Shut up, n-gger love, stupid slut.”

Kim then called Kanye, who had just arrived at the building, and the young man was heard in the background cursing off West as well, calling him the N Word.

Onlookers say West then arrived at the waiting room and punched the instigator.

A massage therapist nearby had to separate the two men as cops were called to the scene. The 18-year old supposedly wants to press battery charges.

This could be especially problematic for West because he is facing assault charges already for attacking a photographer at LAX last year.