Katy Perry likes growing her own fruits, vegetables


Captura-de-pantallaPop star Katy Perry says she is a big fan of gardening and makes use of it in growing her own vegetables.

The `Roar` hitmaker, who parted ways with her on-off boyfriend John Mayer in February, said she finds growing her own fruits and vegetables “relaxing”, reportedly.

“It`s (gardening`s) so nice, it`s so fulfilling to go pick your dinner, bring it back and make it. It`s relaxing and very fulfilling,” Perry said.

The 29-year-old singer also likes to make sure that she absorbs nutrients and believes in drinking lots of fluids throughout the day.

“I take a lot of vitamins and I drink a lot of water,” Perry said.

Perry said she has also replaced clubbing with indoor cycling and long gym sessions to enhance her fitness.