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Kim Jong Un executes North Korea officials for watching South Korean TV soaps?

In another bizarre report from the Hermit Kingdom, members of North Korea’s Workers’ Party were executed for secretly watching South Korean television broadcasts.

According to Yonhap news agency that cited South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Kim Jong Un has so far got some 50 senior members of the government and military executed or demoted in rank.

Those executed included 10 members of Kim Jong Un’s Workers’ Party, who were charged for secretly watching South Korean TV or radio broadcasts.
In order to keep at bay foreign influences, North Korea prohibits its citizens from tuning in to any foreign broadcasts or watching anything from across the borders.

Those caught watching or listening to such foreign productions or possessing any dissident media materials are liable to be punished rigorously
However, despite a harsh ban in place, pirated versions of many TV programmes from South Korea and China are widely available in the country and are also black marketed, reported the Telegraph citing North Korean defectors.

The Telegraph added that for execution, Kim Jong Un singled out especially those officials who were reportedly close to Jang Song-thaek, his uncle, who was executed in December last year and if some reports are to believed, fed to starving dogs.

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