Kim Kardashian Reveals Which Of Her Siblings Is North’s Best Babysitter


north-westKim Kardashian gushed about her adorable daughter North West on her Jan. 23 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live and even revealed who in the Kardashian family is the 7-month-old’s best babysitter! What’s even more surprising than Kim revealing her top sitter pick is who she named as the worst!

KhloeKardashian Is North West’s Best Babysitter, Kim Kardashian Raves

Kim revealed that even though there are a lot of potential baby sitters to choose from in her family — including her older sister — and mom of two toddlers! —Kourtney, and also little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim is positive that it is her sister Khloe who is the best baby sitter for her 7 month-old.

“Khloe,” Kim said with no hesitation, “She’s the best [baby sitter].”

It’s no surprise that Khloe is a wonderful doting auntie, but Kim even revealed one of her siblings she’s least likely to count on for babysitting. “I would say Rob,” Kim abruptly answered when Jimmy asked who was the least trustworthy to be left with little North. “I tricked him the other day and I told him that I had a meeting that was really important and could he please baby sit for an hour,” Kim explained. “He never showed up.”