Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Knowledge and teachers

The Centre has made it compulsorily for teachers of both the Government and private school to appear for the Teacher’s Eligibility Test (TET). This decision taken on the suggestion of the National Council of Teacher Education is completely justified. Appointment after examining the aptitude of the teachers to whom the future of the students is to be entrusted is absolutely appropriate. Testing is the only way to know how much more effort will need to be taken even though they have got the B.Ed degree. The generation next is very knowledgeable. Many a times the students are aware of many things which the teachers do not know. Hence, it is necessary for the teachers to be abreast with the latest trends and progress in their subject. The concept that once a teacher’s job is given, no one can take it away, has to be changed. Private schools pay special attention to this fact. Because of this the teachers in these schools are alert about keeping abreast with the knowledge at the times so that they can retain their job. If there is knowledge then it adds meaning to teaching; those who understand the importance and supportive nature of both will not mind or will find it easy to appear for TET or any other tests.

Jayesh Rane

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