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Legislators must behave responsibly

Ramzan is over so the issue of Roza and Roti has also ended. Rajan Vichare is also breathing safely that no one is talking about the issue. He forcibly put chapati inside the Muslim boy’s mouth who was fasting for the holy month of Ramzan. I’m raising this issue after so many days because this MP is representing our area and we feel humiliated. People keep on asking us why you have elected such a nut who even don’t know how to behave with the common man. After gaining power people often become egoistic. Vichare is not the only example. These Indian politicians and their near and dear ones have proved on several occasions when they have reportedly misbehaved with the people. However, incidents are occurring more frequently since last decade.

The conduct of MPs and MLAs inside the Parliament and the Assembly on many occasions was found inappropriate and unacceptable. On many occasions the behaviour of MPs /MLAs outside the house was also questioned. Some Shiv Sena MPs, who while complaining of bad food served to them at Delhi’s Maharashtra Sadan misbehaved with a catering incharge. Another incidence, which I’m remembering is of Kshitij Thakur on Bandra Worli Sea link. Thakur called the traffic constable in Maharashtra Assembly and assaulted him with the help of other MLAs. That issue has also gone in to cold storage. Lok Sabha election is over but assembly elections will be held in few months. A single MPs or MLAs bad behaviour can give a jolt to his party. Today, mass communication medium has become too strong.

Not only MPs and MLAs, but the kins of these public representatives also invite controversies for their errant behaviour. They have been found misbehaving with government officials, commoners and have been also caught by police for their involvement in serious crimes.

No doubt, the errant behaviour of MPs, MLAs and their kins is becoming a serious issue in this country whose politicians were once respected. However, today when you ask people about politicians they have lost faith in them. In order to find out the solution of this serious issue I suggest some guidelines for political parties.

According to me, the political parties need to be more conscious while distributing tickets to the candidates for MP/MLA elections. Their backgrounds should be checked in the same manner like the antecedents of brides and grooms are verified before marriage.

The political parties should realize their responsibility of analyzing the background of the candidates to ensure that he doesn’t possess any criminal record. Secondly, each party should timely counsel its members about how to behave because people get into politics with different perspectives. Few of them think that the term ‘Member of Parliament’ provides them with inevitable powers.

As I think the Member of Parliament doesn’t own any kind of authority except one i.e. power to recommend and power to request. They don’t have power to allot their constituency fund to anyone. Government promises them that it will grant them funds amounting to Rs 3 to 4 crores only after receiving the approval of the concerned authority. So, the MPs who have been granted power to recommend and power to request, sometimes think that they are powerful enough to do anything and can take law in their hands, which is ridiculous. Strict action should be taken against such MPs.

Solution has to come from within. Every person, every citizen has to be tolerant and understand how to behave with others, you can’t teach this to anyone, it has to come from within. And more or less strict punishment has to be in place.

If you are an MP or MLA, you are expected to behave responsibly. Unfortunately, legislators don’t understand and the government should intervene in this matter. One should take an action, no matter who is he, whether he belongs to your party, your alliance or opposition, whoever it is. You have to behave responsibly; otherwise you do not deserve to be there.

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