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Lekhi defends ban on Nirbhaya documentary, says painting Indian men as ‘predators’ is wrong

Defending the BJP’s stand on putting ban on the screening of BBC documentary, party’s leader Meenakshi Lekhi on Sunday said that the film mocks at our judicial and police system.

Lekhi said that the documentary has detailed discussion of voyeuristic sort which can impinge correct thinking.

“What option did government of India have except banning it? Otherwise it is mocking my judicial and police system, this message is not going through” She said.

She further added that plenty of documentaries are made on rape, but here the person just commercialised the project.

“It’s about a person who in garb of journalism came to country, sought permission to research, commercialises it and chose to violate it. Painting Indian men as predators is incorrect, it’s high time that the world sees the right perspective,” said she.

Commenting on freedom of speech, she said, we take freedom of speech very personally, we fight biases on daily basis and that is the message that needs to go across the world. Where do so many people come together to protest against a rape? In other places it’s not local news forget being a national news. It’s like people producing, wearing, selling Che Guevara tee shirt, where none of these people know what his philosophy was,” she added.

Meanwhile, taking action against the screening of the documentary, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi said, “We have already registered a case; wherever the BBC documentary is uploaded we will take action.”

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