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Lessons That Help Get More Sales

Selling is a tricky business. All salesmen/women have to be on their toes all the time. They have to  prepare decks, attend meetings, fish for more and more ‘leads’, and achieve insane targets over every quarter.

Here’s a lowdown on four lessons that help close all deals.

Don’t Give Customer Many Options


Psychology has proven that if you give people many options, they get confused and enter a mode of Analysis Paralysis. It is advised then, that you group your saleable items into Groups/Plans – a process known as “chunking”. First ask the customer to pick the category that is best suited to him, and then choose a plan from the relevant category.

Losses Affect People

Losses Affect People-AV

It has been observed that Indians will fight harder to save a rupee than earn it. Although it’s essentially the same thing, earning is actually a step forward; as a nation, we are quite emotional about losses. So, it’s best to highlight what the customer stands to lose by not signing up, as opposed to what he can win if he does.

Haters Gonna Hate

You may be selling the best product in your category, but there will still be people who won’t shy away from canning your product. Even Apple has a fair share of haters. While generating leads and pitching to clients, you might come across people who criticize your product! Instead of wasting time trying to change people’s minds, focus on your core client base – the loyal ones and those actually love your products.

Give People Solutions

Give People-AV
In the fast and convoluted world we live in, we like products that make our lives easier. Focus on how your product can deliver results – that way the customers can get persuaded better.

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