Let’s talk about sex


We are liberated people living in a free society. We preach about truthfulness yet find it impractical to use it; we run after money and yet call it a vice. We teach our children to be honest yet bribe the traffic police when we break a rule. Free or not, we are hilarious people living in funny times. Yet among all the contradictions that we live in, the poor thing that tops the list is sex. It is prevalent everywhere- in newspapers, on television, especially on the internet, gladly in the bedrooms, sadly in our parliament. We are Indians and it isn’t without any reason that our nation’s population has already exceeded a billion. We love sex and frown at those who mention about it. It exists in our mind and never on our mouth. If you discuss this topic in public, you are sure to raise some eyebrows.

We don’t talk about sex because the society does not permit it. Pre-marital sex is considered to be a sin and a girl’s character continues to be determined by her virginity. Do you check her virginity before your marriage? It is ironic that we all brag about having watched movies like Titanic and Gone with the Wind and still call them shameless when two lovers hold hands in public or express their affection through a little peck.

India has one of the highest numbers of prostitutes in the world and they are certainly not out of business and we claim to respect women and yet dance to the tunes of ‘hot item songs’ and love watching girls getting banged in porn. Remember ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ how he became famous? What was his first song which was playing in every second cellphone? We are pleased when we see that Sunny Leone has been roped in for a Bollywood movie and stack on top of it our claim of being an open society and yet deliberately ignore the fact it wasn’t her acting skills that got her that role. Every morning when paper walla drops daily tabloid many people love to read the sex section of the tabloid, that funny questions and answers which are created by the paper itself. Sex sells, even though in the dark. Some would argue that immoral or not, why should we talk about sex, isn’t it best for the sake of decency if it remains restricted in our bedrooms only?

Yesterday, I randomly asked my friends in Facebook and WhatsApp about what they feel when someone talks to them about sex. Some frowned that how can I ask this question while others freely answered. Some were shy while some just saw my message and didn’t reply. According to me, they were thinking this is just another ploy of a guy to start sex conversation. It’s sure that men are sex machines, they just think about sex 24 hours but this is a secondary aspect. Some said that they are even uncomfortable talking about sex with their parents and I’m sure your parents never took a stand to have a conversation about this topic with you. Some were neutral which is good.

Men try to have sex with every single girl whom they talk to. No, seriously. Don’t believe? Randomly check your most decent friend’s WhatsApp messages; see there will be list of girls he might be flirting with but the same friend will act decent will it comes to practical world. I’m not asking you to have open conversation about sex with everyone; just that next time if you hear about sex, don’t giggle, don’t frown, don’t be fake because you too love it. Sex isn’t a sin but hypocrisy is. Having said that, I would add that there is a thin line between being informed and being a pervert and unless you are already one it wouldn’t be too hard to see it.

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