M.I.A. asks Madonna to lend her $16mln after being fined by NFL


Madonna-HotM.I.A. has jokingly asked Madonna if she could borrow 16 million dollars from her after she was fined with the hefty sum by the NFL over her middle finger incident at Super Bowl.

NFL has been chasing the 38-year old singer for 1.5 million dollars, ever since she was caught on the camera sticking her finger up at the 55-year-old pop queen, and have now added an additional claim of 15.1 million dollars to it.

The two stars had performed together at the Super Bowl in 2012.

The British rapper shared the documents she has received for the case on Twitter saying, the NFL are demanding “50 percent of gross earnings over 500,000 dollars in any year”, and “100 percent of gross earnings over 5,000,000 dollars in any year”.