“Madhuri makes tiring action look effortless on screen!”


Madhuri-Dixit-Gulaab-Gang-largeThis season, the color of justice is pink. The trailer of the much anticipated film ‘Gulaab Gang’ which released online a week ago grabbed an unprecedented amount of eyeballs just within minutes and the fans across social media were left shocked not only at Madhuri’s hero-like avatar, but also at her stunning action sequences!!

Called one of the biggest casting coups of Indian Cinema, Gulaab Gang sees two of the most popular icons of Bollywood battle each other onscreen: Madhuri as the hero, Juhi as the Villain

The trailer of MadhuriDixit’s upcoming film ‘Gulaab Gang’ has Madhuri Dixit instilling life into high-octane action sequences as she leads the ‘Gulaab Gang’.

The man behind these stunts, Kanishka Sharma, who has choreographed Madhuri’s stunts in GulaabGang reveals the strenuous training and hard work by the actress for the film!

He says, “The brief given to me by director SoumikSen was to design the stunts in a manner that they look both aesthetic as well as realistic. It couldn’t be as gritty as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, neither could it be as suave as the Matrix,” adding that he trained Madhuri in rare martial art forms like Shaolin Kungfu, PekitiTirsia Kali and Shaolin Chin-na.

“I was taken aback by Madhuri’s agility and her pitch-perfect timing! I extensively trained Madhuri for a month in Shaolin Kung Fu, besides stick training, Shaolin joint locking, Kali knife, short stick and of course, close combat” he further adds.

“I remember a scene where Madhuri had to twist a man’s arm and kick him hard. I rehearsed with her for a few hours before the shot, but was a little apprehensive. Later, I was shocked at how comfortably she pulled it off. She makes all my otherwise tiring action look effortless on screen!” says Kanishka.

‘GULAAB GANG’ stars two icons of Indian Cinema starring together for the very 1st time: Madhuri Dixit and JuhiChawla under the direction of Soumik Sen.

Produced by AnubhavSinha, Presented and Co-Produced by Sahara Movie Studios and Bharat Shah, GULAAB GANG releases on 7th March 2014.