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Madrasas not spreading jihad in India: MHA report

At a time when the activities of madrasas are under increasing scrutiny, the Ministry of Home Affairs has found that majority of such institutions don’t subscribe to jihadi ideology or play a part in its spread.

An internal report of the MHA says majority of madrasas not spreading jihadi or indulge in anti-national activity. However, the report has red-flagged some madrasas operating in the border areas of West Bengal and Assam.

These madrasas are the one where the teachers are foreigners, mainly from Bangladesh, and they have been found to be involved in anti-India activities.
Even in those areas, Indian madrasa teachers are not involved in jihadi activities.

The report is based on probe into madrasas aligned to Deobandi, al-Hadis, Jamat and Barelvi school of thought.

The activities of madrasas, especially those in West Bengal, came into focus after the Burdwan bomb blast. The NIA probe into the case had unearthed a deep rooted trans-border terror machinery that was at work through some of the madrasas in the state.

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