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Madrasas to teach 4 subjects other than religious ones

The Maharashtra government has made it mandatory for the Madrasas to teach students four subjects other than religious ones or continue to operate without additional grants.

“We want the minority to come up in all spheres of lives. Thus, it is important that when they give religious teachings to students, they also give knowledge of other subjects at the same time,” Minority Affairs minister Eknath Khadse said.

“Thus we have decided to make it mandatory for Madrasas to teach English, Maths, Science and Social Science subjects as well,” he said.

The minister said that out of a total 1890 registered Madrasas in the state, 550 have agreed to teach the four subjects to students.

“We have also offered to give the salaries of B Ed and D Ed teachers that Madrasas will hire to teach students,” he said.

According to him, Madrasas currently get Rs 2 lakh as financial aid from the state government, and that they will continue to get the basic aid even if they do not teach the 4 subjects.

“Under the multi sector development program of the Centre that will start from this year, Madrasas were to get Rs 3 lakh for their modernisation and Rs 50,000 for book purchase in addition to the Rs 2 lakh the government already gives. If Madrasas do not teach the 4 subjects, they will not get this money,” Khadse said.

Meanwhile, he also said that the department for higher and technical education has brought an ordinance of compulsorily having atleast 51 per cent minority community students in educational institutions reserved for the minority community.

“We have seen that educational institutions take all benefits of being a minority institution but not have even a single student of the minority community.

“Minorities will not progress unless they are brought to the mainstream. Thus, we have decided to cancel the licenses of institutions that do not comply with rules,” he added.

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