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Make law to “break hands and legs of rapists”, demands MP

A Rajya Sabha MP on Friday demanded that Parliament should enact a law to “break the hands and legs of rapists” as he expressed concern over the growing number of rapes and incidents of women atrocities.

Expressing concern over the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in Lonavala, Ramdas Athawale (RPI-A) expressed anguish over rapes of girls aged 3-7 years and said a law should be made under which the hands and legs of perpetrators of such crimes should be broken.

“Hands and legs of the males who commit rapes should be broken. A law for this should be enacted in this House,” Athawale said.

He said while there is punitive provision including of hanging in cases like Lonavala, the other law is also needed.

The Rajya Sabha MP also suggested that physical relationship between a man and woman should happen with consent and not force, seeking strong action against rapists.

As Athawale’s remarks evoked a laughter in the House, the MP said that he was raising a very serious issue of atrocities against women.

The Lonavala victim had gone to the hotel along with her family members to attend a wedding function. She later went missing and her body with slit throat was found on the hotel’s terrace. The incident took place nearly a week ago in Maharashtra.

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