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Make your own eco-friendly Ganesha idol

GanpatiA few basic things that you’d require would be a block or lump of fresh mouldable, natural and clean clay, a small metal ruler to cut and shape the base of the idol, a couple of wooden barbecue sticks for detailing, a sponge for smoothening and a little water. Also handy would be a little patience and a lot of love and devotion for the elephant-headed God. Here are the steps to make your own Ganpati.

Step 1: Begin by making the base of your idol. Use a metal ruler to smoothen the edges.

Step 2: Now take a golf ball-sized lump of clay and shape the torso of your idol. Make it sit on your clay platform by using a drop of water as a glue to hold it in place.

Step 3: Make two cylinders of clay and shape them in the form of legs. Stick them onto the torso of the idol.

Step 4: Make a side pillow by shaping a cylinder and placing it on one side. Make the arms of the idol and let one rest on the side pillow.

Step 5: Next take a small lump of clay and shape the head and the trunk of the Elephant God. Stick it on the torso. Add a small modak on the idol’s hand.

Step 6: Make the large ears of the idol and stick them on with a little water. Finally, add the small details with the help of a toothpick or a wooden barbecue stick.

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