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Man marries girlfriend on local leaders’ intervention

A 32-year-old man, who had refused to marry a woman with whom he had a five-year relationship, entered the wedlock in a ceremony arranged at the last minute following the intervention of local politicians.

The man, a Mumbai resident who works with a private company, after severing all ties with the woman in January this year, was scheduled to get married to another woman on May 30. Subsequently, the woman came to know about it and approached the man’s family with her parents to convince him for the marriage.

The man’s parents, however, demanded Rs. 2 lakh dowry and said they will wed their son to the woman only if their dowry demand is fulfilled.

According to local politician Shashikala Pujari, who was among other leaders who intervened to foil the man’s marriage attempt to another woman, said the girl later approached the police but did not file any complaint as they sought their help to sort the matter.

The man and his family was counselled by the leaders and were even told that his family might face dowry charge against them. He then agreed to marry the woman and the ceremony was conducted at a local community hall at the last minute yesterday, Pujari said.

She said the man and the woman, from Thane, studied in the same college five years ago and were in a courtship but their relation turned sour in 2011 and again reconciled.

This year in January, the man again snapped ties with his girlfriend and was scheduled to marry another woman on May 30. But intervention of local leaders foiled the attempt and he agreed to marry the woman. 

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