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Massacre in Iraq: ISIS slaughters 300 Yazidi prisoners near Mosul

In the latest atrocity perpetrated on Iraq’s minority sect, the Islamic State extremists have massacred several hundred Yazidis near Mosul, officials said Sunday.

Over 300 captives were killed on Friday in the Tal Afar district near Mosul, according to the Yazidi Progress Party.

The statement issued by the Yazidi Progress Party condemned the latest killings as a “heinous crime” and urged Iraqi forces to free other captives, reported the Kurdish Shafaq News website.

Several thousands of Yazidis were captured last summer when the ISIS overran huge swathes of Iraq including Mosul.

Since then, the ISIS has enslaved thousands of Yazidis and frequent reports have emerged about the extremists torturing their women, keeping them as sex slaves.

The Yazidis, who are considered as infidels by the ISIS, are a religious minority group and their religion incorporates elements from various faiths.

The ISIS was said to have freed over Yazidis this year in April and it was considered as a rare act of goodwill.

However it has emerged that the ISIS had demanded money from their families in order to return them.

According to the VICE News, the release of 217 Yazidis on April 4 came as families offered the ransom amount.

The freed Yazidis were actually being sold back to their families, the VICE News said citing UN officials in Iraq.

The Islamic State is said to have requested as much as $30,000 for prisoners, the report added.

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