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Meet US Navy SEAL commando who shot Osama bin Laden

US-NavyLifting the lid off who shot Osama bin Laden, a report has revealed the name of the heroic US Navy SEAL who shot three bullets into the head of al Qaeda’s kingpin.

According to a report by Daily Mail website, MailOnline, the Navy SEAL Team Six member who shot killed Osama during the famous Osama raid at Abbottabad on May 2, 2011 has been named as Rob O’Neill.

The report describes the US naval commando as a highly-decorated veteran who undertook almost 400 combat missions and quit after 16 years service. The heroic actions of the 38-year-old have been portrayed on-screen in movies as Zero Dark Thirty, Captain Phillips and Lone Survivor.

The Twitter account of Rob O’Neill describes him as a (motivational) speaker and his latest tweet says, “Nobody makes you angry. Anger is your response to negativity. Let it go and smile. You are loved! Goodnight, ‘Merica!!

And in one of his tweets, he has posted a photo of someone named “Anderson Colt” with a hashtag of #navyseal.

The identity of the shooter was to be revealed later in the month by the Fox News, however the Daily Mail website has managed to do an exclusive interview with Rob O’Neill’s father Tom O’Neill, who said how he and his son were not afraid of being targeted by the barbaric extremist group ISIS.

In fact, the heroic Navy SEAL’s father went on to dare the ISIS to “come and get us”, the MailOnline quoted his father as saying.

The issue of making public the details of Osama raid operation stirred a hornet’s nest in the ranks of Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Pentagon and prompted a US Admiral to shoot off a letter to the Navy SEALS, telling them to remain tight-lipped about the details of the operation that killed Osama.

In the letter, Admiral Brian Losey, the head of Naval Warfare Special Command, cautioned his “teammates” to maintain secrecy over the confidential Osama mission, telling them directly to quit talking about the raid.

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