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Men behaving badly: Speaker forced to lecture MPs on etiquette

“The whole country is watching you,” Speaker Sumitra Mahajan reminded parliamentarians today, urging them to abandon the embarrassing behavior on flagrant display for the second day in a row. After her short tutorial, Trinamool leader Kalyan Banerjee, who had questioned her impartiality, apologized for “hurting the sentiments of the chair.”

Sources say Mr. Banerjee’s apology followed a compromise worked out by other leaders of his party who felt that he had gone too far.

Ms. Mahajan urged Mr. Banerjee and other Trinamool Congress lawmakers not to carry placards and posters into Parliament or rush to the Well or centre of the House, as they did. “Make your points from your place,” she said, adding, “I appeal to all parties to ask their MPs to behave in the House.”

The chaos in parliament is rooted in an ongoing war between the Trinamool Congress and the ruling BJP over the Railways Budget that was presented yesterday. Trinamool members say that as they shouted slogans against the budget and the Prime Minister for ignoring the needs of the poor and Bengal, a drunk BJP lawmaker abused and threatened them.

Union ministers Prakash Javadekar and Venkaiah Naidu staged an intervention to prevent Trinamool members from clashing with BJP representatives

Mr. Banerjee of the Trinamool was then seen rushing out of Parliament, shouting that he had been threatened with assault. Kakoli Ghosh, another Trinamool MP, said she had been told her sari would be pulled off.

The BJP denies the charges.

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