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Miracle baby survives in spite of weighing half a kilogram at birth

Baby Syeda who weighed less than half a kilogram at birth has now survived and blossomed into a 4-month-old healthy baby weighing 2 kilogram. The baby is set to be taken home by her parents who thank the doctors for their persistent efforts.

Syeda was born weighing just 470 gram, a birth weight at which doctors say there were minimum chances of her survival. The miracle baby is yet another example from Bangalore of a medical success story. After two miscarriages and years of prayers, the baby has brought back happiness into Syeda’s mother Nasreen Banu’s life.

“She was extremely small at the time of her birth. Thanks to Allah and the doctors that my baby survived,” said an excited Nasreen Banu.

Baby Syeda was kept in the neo-natal intensive care unit of the Manipal Hospital for three months where her tiny body was fitted with tubes and syringes. The team of doctors working on the case did not loose hope on seeing Syeda’s sugar levels drop. Against all odds, the treatment was kept going. Soon, Syeda was seen responding to the treatment and gaining weight.

Consultant Neonatologist, Manipal Hospital doctor Praveen Venkatagiri said that survival rate of such babies was very rare in India. Doctors say Syeda’s survival story is nothing short of a miracle. The real challenge lies now in making sure that the baby stays healthy in the coming months and years.

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