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Modi urges youth to give up violence


Asking youngsters who have been radicalised to give up violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said they should shun guns and get a plough in its place to transform their lives.

“Terror has never benefited anybody. I appeal to all the youth who have gone on the path of violence to give up terrorism. This will do you no good. Get the guns off your shoulders and get a plough in its place. It will transform your lives,” he said while addressing a rally at Brahmapuri in Chandrapur, which is one of the Naxal-affected districts in Maharashtra.

According to recent statistics of the anti-Naxal Cell of Maharashtra Police, Maoist violence has claimed 451 victims in worst-hit Gadchiroli followed by 33 in Gondia and nine in Chandrapur, between February 1985 and July 2014.

Modi said it is imperative for the BJP to win the upcoming state polls to ensure that farmers can prosper the way they are doing in neighbouring Chhattisgarh.

“You have to ensure that the BJP wins the elections with full majority. Only then can the farmers, who are water starved, be provided water. A farmer has the capability to produce gold if he gets enough water,” he said.

“Chhattisgarh, which was known to be a ‘bimaru’ (sick) state, has prospered tremendously under the BJP government. We have ensured that farmers get a good price for their produce,” he said.

“Maharashtra is a neighbouring state. Why can’t our farmers progress similarly? Why can’t they get a good price for their produce? Give us a chance to work for you, we will transform the face of this state,” the Prime Minister said.