Move to New York will be good: Neil Patrick Harris


neil-patrick-harris-emmysActor Neil Patrick Harris believes that the idea of shifting to New York City will prove to be beneficial for his twins Gideon and Harper.

The “How I Met Your Mother” star and his fiance David Burtka are relocating from Los Angeles to the East coast.

Although the weather isn`t as nice, he believes the move will ultimately prove better for their three-year-old twins, reportedly.

“When we`re lugging two children through the snow and sleet and wind, I don`t know whether we`ll enjoy it so much.

But I think the kids` eyes will be open to a lot of things that I wouldn`t have thought to show them in Los Angeles,” he said.

The couple recently bought a $3.6 million, 8,000-square-foot townhouse in Harlem, which boasts four bedrooms, two terraces, a backyard and rooftop, as well as a duplex apartment underneath which they are expected to incorporate into their new home.