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MP in Pakistan calls out on others for mocking Hindus with the term ‘cow-worshiper’

Lal-MalhiPatriotism to one’s nation is not dictated by religion. A Hindu in Pakistani, is still a Pakistani, and a loyal and patriotic one at that. That is precisely the point that Pakistani lawmaker Lal Malhi made during an ongoing session.

Mr. Mahli called out on the taunts and remarks that he had received a few days prior to the session. One of them, was being called a ‘cow-worshiper’. Mr. Mahli’s response was crisp and very to-the-point. He said that it is his right to be a ‘cow-worshiper’ and no one is supposed to question that.

In his emotional rant, the lawmaker also mentioned that in the House, he was constantly taunted for being a Hindu. He stated that he was a Pakistani at the end of the day and that is what should matter.

The lawmaker had a problem with the fact that instead of criticizing India, the House Members came down to criticizing Hindus for no reason at all, while at the same time, not even making a mention of the forced abduction and religious conversion of a Hindu teenager that had taken place recently.

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