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Mr. Harsh Vardhan, please don’t go beyond ENT

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sparked a controversy by stating that the so-called ‘sex education’ needs to be banned and he advocated for the integrated ‘value’ and ‘moral’ education with course content and India’s cultural bearings and relations. I was expecting this type of statement from him after his ‘condom’ remark. These types of statements have not surprised me, either. He is a good doctor but ‘some invisible force’ or you can say ‘visible thinking’ is forcing him to issue such type of comments.

If he is releasing or uttering these statements ‘intentionally’ to check the ‘mood of masses’ then I think he should not go beyond ‘ENT’ and that will be good for him also. Harsh Vardhan is an ENT specialist doctor.
According to Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, fidelity is the safest sex and supreme measure to mitigate the spread of HIV-AIDS in Bharat. His view has kicked up a row and many activists, doctors and international agencies are up in arms against Vardhan.

It seems that Modi government is in love with ‘Ss Mantras’. First, it was ‘3S (Skill-Speed-Scale) Mantra” of development, which was followed by first edition of ‘S2S (Scandals-to-Skills) Mantra’ for political transition to good days. Now, there comes another ‘S2S (Safer-sex to Safest-sex) Mantra for overcoming HIV-AIDS menace in the country.

Rape occurs because of ‘poor’ mentality. People’s dominating nature and records will show you caste hierarchy systems are responsible for increase in rape cases and not the condom or sex education.

The advocates of sex education deem it a need of modern times and want children right from their teens to be instructed about the physiological, psychological and sociological aspects of sexual response, reproduction, conception, contraception, sexuality, values, decision making, communication, relationships, sexually transmitted infections and HIV-AIDS.

However, many people feel that sex education initiatives so far have further corrupted the adolescents’ minds and made them ‘little adults’ through dating, promiscuity, experimentation, unhealthy attitudes towards opposite sex, etc., which are even otherwise against the Indian values and culture.

Vardhan, a believer in the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’ views that condoms provide ‘safer sex’, but the fidelity to the life-partner is the ‘safest sex’. In other words, he has hinted that condoms encourage and promote illicit sexual relationships.

Some NGOs working in area of HIV-AIDS, leftists and activists while smelling ‘moral policing’ flavour in Vardhan’s statement have condemned his views and blamed him for pushing the RSS agenda on so-called Bharatiya Sanskriti.
In India, both teachers and students feel embarrassed while talking on the topics related to sex education. Many times, students start giggling even when teachers talk about the reproductory organs and health in their biology classes.

Many parents have opposed sex education since they see it against their moral or religious beliefs. Currently, even otherwise, schools are being blamed for low-quality education and lack of professional teachers, the teaching of sexual education courses will do more harm than good.

Moreover, the families from which most teachers come, they generally feel that sexual education transgresses their own beliefs and they feel uncomfortable to teach this subject.

It seems that we are heading towards scrapping of sex education in our schools!

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