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Musharraf rakes Kashmir issue, taunts Pak PM for attending Narendra Modi’s ceremony

ParvezFormer Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf might himself be mired in a slew of legal cases in Islamabad, but this doesn’t stop him from commenting on India and Kashmir.

Just a day after a Pakistani court threatened to issue an arrest warrant against Musharraf in connection to a 2007 murder case, the former Pak Army chief in an interview to a local media channel, issued a threat to Kashmir, saying Pakistan was capable of inciting violence in the valley.

Warning of another war, he said that millions of Pakistani troops were willing to fight for Kashmir.

“Kashmir is waiting to be incited and Pakistan is capable of inciting violence,” Pak media reports quoted him as saying.

Even as Pak troops continue to indulge in unprovoked firing at the Line of Contol (LoC) and International Border (IB), Musharraf sought to feign extreme concern for “Kashmiri brethern”, saying Pakistan had limitations as shelling would result in sufferings for the people across the border, for whom “Indian Army and the government has no concern”.

“Pakistan has limitations as it knows that if it responded with shelling, the Kashmiri brethren on the other side of the LoC would be the ultimate sufferers,” said Musharraf, who is notorious for being the architect of 1999 Kargil war.

Branding Indian PM Narendra Modi as “an anti-Muslim and an anti-Pakistan politician”, he said that Pakistan must be meticulous and “must hold its cards close” while negotiating with India.

Musharraf also appeared to mock incumbent PM Nawaz Sharif for having attended Modi’s swearing-in ceremony on May 26, saying that instead of running to attend Modi’s inauguration “like we used to do in British Raj”, Pakistan should take care of its dignity.

Musharraf’s comments come as Pakistan continues to create tension at the border with India with umpteen number of ceasefire violations in last five months.

Musharraf’s remarks also show Pakistan’s audaciousness despite being snubbed by the UN on a request seeking intervention in Kashmir issue.

Meanwhile, no respite seems to be in sight for the former Pak General himself, who is mired in a handful of legal cases against him.

While, he is on bail in four criminal cases, Musharraf is undergoing trials in two cases – in 2007 Red Mosque cleric murder case and another case being that of treason.

Musharraf has been threatened by court that an arrest warrant will be issued against him if he fails to appear on a November 8 hearing in 2007 murder case.

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