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Muslim leaders meet PM Narendra Modi, apprise him of community’s concerns

A delegation of senior Muslim leaders called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday and apprised him of the community’s various concerns, including the increasing radicalisation of youth and emerging threat of terrorism.

“While expressing apprehensions about the trend of increased radicalisation and emerging threat of terrorism, the leaders underlined the need for greater unity and collective efforts to meet the challenge,” a government release said.

The leaders also brought to the notice of the PM issues relating to properties of Muslim shrines, mosques and madrassas.

The Muslim leaders further sought PM’s help on several issues, especially on the education front and better facilities for Muslim youth.

Muslim leaders, on their part, pledged their community’s cooperation to PM Modi and his government in meeting the objectives of ensuring speedy economic growth, promoting communal harmony and peace, and strengthening national security.

PM Modi gave a patient hearing to the delegation and assured his government’s support to the community. He told the delegation that all issues concerning them will be sorted out.

The PM emphasised the need to empower Muslim youth to enable them to play a larger role in nation-building.

He specifically assured the leaders that he will look into their grievances on shrines, mosques and madrassas.

The Prime Minister further promised his complete assistance in ameliorating their social conditions and addressing their educational requirements.

The Muslim leaders who took part in the meeting included Syed Sultan-ul-Hasan Chishti Misbahi from Ajmer Sharif, Hazrat Ghulam Yasin Sahib from Varanasi, Sheikh Wasim Ashrafi from Mumbai, and Allama Tasleem Raaza Sahib from Dargah Barelvi Sharif in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, there has been concern among minority communities over the government’s pro-Hindutva agenda push.

An increase in cases of church attacks has not helped the image of the government either.

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