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My approach remains same even after quitting Tests: MS Dhoni

It’s been six months since Mahendra Singh Dhoni quit Test cricket but the manner in which he used to approach the shorter format “would not change” as his philosophy is to adapt as per the demands of the situation.

Questioned if his approach has changed at all, Dhoni responded in negative.

“No, it will be quite the same because what’s important is for the team to win. And we will have to see what kind of roles and responsibilities suit the individuals playing in the XI, and accordingly, we will decide. Being adaptive and constantly looking to improve is something that’s important at the international level,” Dhoni said at the pre-match press conference on the eve of the first ODI against Bangladesh.

“The regime is still the same. As I said it’s the demand of the game. Its not about me but as to what the team demands from me and what the situation is when I go into bat. So it will still be the same. It also depends on where I am batting. If I am batting at 5 and 6, the demands are very different compared to if I am batting at 3 and 4,” Dhoni said.

Recently Dhoni trained at Delhi’s National Stadium for a day under local coach M P Singh.

“Let us not make it complex. It’s a small thing that keeps on going. It’s a lot to talk about but it’s very basic and very simple. You can have your own idea,” the skipper said.

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