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My government’s religion is ”India first”: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said his government, which followed the religion of “India first”, was working keeping in mind the thought of “development of all” with particular emphasis on the northeastern part of the country.

Replying to the discussion in the Lok Sabha on the motion of thanks to President Pranab Mukherjee`s address, he also said his government “corrected” the land acquisition act for the sake of farmers, and if there is anything anti-farmer in the law they are ready to change it.

He also stressed the government had “compelled” the nation to talk about black money.

He said his government was working for all states without differentiating which party was in power there.

“We don`t look at colour of the party`s flag in a state but look at the tricolour,” he said, adding that his government was not discriminating among the states on the basis of their governments.

He also claimed that it was the first time after Independence, that the budgets of the states have more money than that of the centre, adding this has been done to empower states.

“We strongly believe that states are to be empowered and taken forward,” he said, adding he had a chance to roam around the country for over 40 years and knew it well.

Mentioning the northeastern region, he asked rhetorically why he would visit such places from where only one or two MPs come.

Answering himself, he said it had “nothing to do with politics”. “I am not after political gains. I go there to see how those areas could be developed… they have tremendous potential to be developed… be prosperous areas,” he said.

Modi also cautioned communal forces, asserting the country`s diversity was its real strength and nobody would be allowed to disturb it. He said the constitution has everything that the country stands for and the nation was being run on its basis only.

“Nobody is allowed to take the law in his hands. My government`s religion is `India first`…my government`s religion is `constitution first`, he said amid loud cheers from members of the BJP and its allies.

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