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Monday, September 25, 2023
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My gut feeling driven by logic and experience: Dhoni

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Being instinctive is seen as Mahendra Singh Dhoni`s best attributes but the man who has captained India to unprecedented highs in the last seven years reveals that his often talked about gut feeling is backed by cold logic.

In a rare interview on his 33rd birthday, Dhoni recollected the time he was made captain before the World Twenty20 in 2007, how he dealt with the senior players, his leadership style and how it is to shoulder the team of a cricket crazy nation.

Talking about the trait which helped him guide India to the No.1 Test sport, 2011 World Cup, 2007 World Twenty20 and most recently the Champions Trophy last year, Dhoni says he relies on his past experiences to act instinctively on the field.

“I don`t plan a lot and believe in my gut feel. But what many people don`t understand is that to have that gut feel, you have to have experienced that thing before,” Dhoni told the

“For instance, you don`t know anything about bikes. I open one of my bike engines and keep it in front of you and ask you `which model does your gut feeling say this engine belongs to`, you will be clueless. You won`t have a gut feeling because you don`t know anything about the object there.

“My gut feeling comes from my past experiences of all the cricket I`ve played in my life and the situations I have faced. It`s not something you just feel for a moment without any logic,” said Dhoni, who faces one of the biggest challenges in his career when India take on England in the first of five Tests at Nottingham from July 9.

One could feel a lot of pressure as a leader in the presence of seniors in the dressing room, something Dhoni had to deal with when Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly were around. But now he leads a side in transition.

“The best thing about the senior players was that with their experience they had a lot of ideas and suggestions to give me. But more importantly, if I didn`t agree with some things they said, I could tell them so.

“They were absolutely fine with it and after 10-15 minutes would again come up with a different idea or options and then leave it to me, give me a few deliveries to think about it and decide.”

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